Aim: Working for GIP and London City Airport (LCY) to design and develop a revolutionary digital exterior advertising portfolio, including the development of initial design concepts, marketing strategy through to detailed design, construction and build.

Process: The Project involved 3D modelling of the exterior campus and positioning of small format and iconic large format digital advertising units. Wildstone worked with the airport team to develop a design theme, presenting and agreeing a palette of materials and concepts at Board level which then became the final scheme. We supported LCY to develop the business plan and take the project forward for capital approval. We produced full technical drawings for each advertising structure, screen, enclosure, electrical and data connectivity, recommending digital screen and software technology and then project managed the construction plan under an NEC contract and conformed to Construction Design Management Guidelines. We launched the product portfolio to market with a video, produced in-house by Wildstone as well as a launch brochure. We are now also working with LCY on the development of the interior advertising portfolio as part of their recent planning application approval to expand.

Outcome: The small format digital network using high brite LCD Samsung screens was successfully installed in December 2015 and was followed in June 2016 by a large format digital icon using a 3m x 6m LED screen. We are currently in the process of delivering a digital exterior welcome at the front of the airport.